Player Weld 1.1 Reuploaded

Due to the deletion of Player Weld 1.1, I’m glad to say that I had a copy of it before it was deleted. I was surprised I had it.

All credit goes to Overv. I take no credit.

You can find the original thread here.

If I wasn’t supposed to re-upload it, then that’s my bad. Sorry if that’s the case

can you please upload this somewhere else, too? - is shit…

Why making a thread about a reupload?

And if it had been deleted for purpouse, I’m pretty sure that overv would delete the link to the download.

maybe… because you haven’t a legal copy and can’t download since the verification? ^^

uhm, i disliked even before they added this verification stuff…
aaand maybe i just dont want to register myself at cause of privacy reasons?

fact is, i don’t like
Another fact is i want this addon for my server…

uhm, so could please anybody reupload this addon on other data-hosters? - thanking you in anticipation ^^

The thread still exists, but it’d just be bumping old threads to post it on there… The STool was deleted because (i believe) the account on was deleted, or the guy himself did so. I’m just letting people download it as they want. If I wasn’t suppposed to reupload it, then an official can tell me personally that I wasn’t supposed to upload it and I’ll delete it(if this ever becomes the case.)

Eh, sure.

I hope this guy isn’t a pirate :V. Just trying to help out a Facepunch user <3

thanks helix ^^

He obviously is if he can’t download from

But he didn’t say he couldn’t, just that he wouldn’t.

Was looking for this, actually. Thanks.

Thanks for reuploading it, I removed it because I didn’t know people were this interested in it.

No problem :slight_smile:

HELP! I just installed this addon and when I load a game, I can move! The error “Something is creating script errors.”…

This is what it show in the console repeatedly:
[ERROR] addons/player weld/lua/autorun/pw_positioning.lua:31: bad argument #1 to ‘SetAngles’ (Angle expected, got userdata)

  1. SetAngles - [C]:-1
  2. v - addons/player weld/lua/autorun/pw_positioning.lua:31
  3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84

I posted this on the original post but even with this version I still get the same problem!
Plz reply asap :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb bump - Its a script from 2010, of course it wont work genius" - Reagy))