Player Weld 1.1


This is version 1.1 of Player Weld. Because this version is nothing like the pretty buggy first release I decided to create a new thread for it. For the guys that used version 1.0 I will give you the differences and if you haven’t noticed this nifty little STOOL yet, just sit back and read! :eng101:

  • Weld yourself to a prop (one at a time)
    - Weld props to yourself
  • Way less bugs than version 1.0
  • Does not break other tools such as SmartSnap
  • No spelling/grammar errors :eng101:

It’s completely rewritten from scratch, so all the ugly old code is gone! :smiley:

How to use?

Left-click on an entity to weld yourself to it
Right-click on an entity to weld it to you
Reload to unweld everything again


But please, for the sake of the quality kittens watch it on instead.


Please tell me what you guys think of it :3:

Does it break smart snap like the old?

Nope, works perfectly fine :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’ve been waiting for “weld props to yourself” thing.

I’m guessing by the description that this can’t be used to weld stuff to OTHER people?

Nope, not yet but if you guys really want that I could add that. It would however require an additional tool because it uses every key already.

I’d like a Stool to weld props to NPCs…

Excellent - simple and very useful. Does it have crash protection (trying to parent a parent prop, etc.) by any chance?

Battle mech suit here I come.

Also @Citizen, he doesn’t actually parent things.

He constantly sets there position because parenting doesn’t allow rotation and crashes a lot.

Please, please, please.

I want to make a power suit on my friend.

Christ. Thanks.

In this case, I have another question… Does this lag? I wanted to use a similar method for something a while ago, but ended up parenting anyway.

Wow, this tool could be very use full for Admins! :slight_smile:
I’ll comment it later.

actuall you should make a stool that gets ared of the plane weld and replace it witha welder that welds anything and everything (npc’s, prop’s,sent’s,maps ang players and maps)

what if you had a toggle button in the context menu that changed it to affect other players?

Or maybe the right click button…? Just a thought. I think it would be easier.

All I see in that is you pointing at the prop. The problem was that holding “+use” wouldn’t snap to the prop.

actuall you should make a stool that gets ared of the plane weld and replace it witha welder that welds anything and everything (npc’s, prop’s,sent’s,and players.


maps too

Could you make some suit of armor with this? I want to be just like Iron Man in his first suit, made out of crappy shit.

what is lua i see it every where but what does it mean?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


ypu could do E + right click… saw it on someone’s sweps and
I just got a weird idea…: what if you could weld a player to yourself/player to player

Would be nice if you could make an addon that allows you to come out of your body as a new player so you could build stuff on yourself and then just go back and play with it :smiley: