"Player x has joined the game"

“Player x has joined the game”. This is shown when a player connects to the server. I’m looking to remove/replace this. I’ve attempted overriding both GM:PlayerInitialSpawn and GM:PlayerConnect with no success. I’ve also tried searching through thegarry’s mod github repository and have not found any strings containing “has joined the game”.

Thanks in advance.


Interesting… Never knew about this. This doesn’t help though, as I’m looking to replace/remove the message.

This doesn’t answer how to remove the default one, and honestly I’m getting curious about that too since a few quick searches have not found the source of the default message.

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See the example.


Found it! But, it still prints for me when I join (but not when I add bots). Very strange…

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I’ve decided to stop being lazy and host a dedicated server locally. GM:ChatText now removes all joinleave messages. Thanks for the help!