PlayerBindPressed question

This disables the flashlight just fine, but returns and error when blocking slot1.

local function BlockCommands(ply, bind, pressed)

	if LocalPlayer():GetNWBool( "BlockCommands" ) then
		if string.find(bind, "impulse 100") then return true end
		if string.find(pressed, "slot1") then return true end
hook.Add( "PlayerBindPress", "BlockCommands", BlockCommands )

Line4: bad argument #1 to ‘find’ (string expected, got boolean)

you’re using the arguments wrong.

‘pressed’ is whether the bind was pressed or released.

Why are you using PlayerBindPress when you can use PlayerSwitchFlashlight?
local function BlockFlashlight(ply, state)
return false
hook.Add( “PlayerSwitchFlashlight”, “BlockFlashlight”, BlockFlashlight )

Sorry Luni thats the same example I looked at, I still couldn’t get it working properly.

The flashlight was just the example on the wiki, I want to block slots 1-9 and lastinv.

[lua]if string.match(bind, “slot%d+”) or string.match(bind, “lastinv”) then return true end[/lua]

Thanks Luni, I see what you did there to get it working.

I know what its doing but any info on %d+ ?

you just blew my mind.

Awesome, I’ve seen these used before and I couldn’t really understand what was going on. Thanks for the lesson boss :slight_smile: