PlayerClass bug or Wiki mistake?

So I’ve been trying to get player classes setup for a while now and finally figured it out, but ran into a standstill. The Wiki says to call the PlayerClass Loadout function under GM:PlayerLoadout like this…

function GM:PlayerLoadout( pl )

 player_manager.RunClass( pl, "Loadout" )

But when I try that, I don’t spawn with my loadout weapons. Then for shits and giggles, I try including it in PlayerSpawn like this…

function GM:PlayerSpawn( Player )
	player_manager.SetPlayerClass( Player, "player_trooper" )
	player_manager.OnPlayerSpawn( Player )
	player_manager.RunClass( Player, "Spawn" )
	player_manager.RunClass( Player, "Loadout" )

and it works flawlessly. So what went wrong?