Playerfilter - Release


**This addon will no longer work and will no longer be supported as it is too controversial to allow to exist. **


Player filter is a script which checks all players who connect to the installed server for Steam API Bans, Scriptfodder Bans, GGS.SX Bans and SteamREP Bans. 

[Scriptfodder Bans](

The purpose of this script is to filter and limit the types of individuals who may randomly connect to your server. Limiting repeat offenders, scammers and frauds from corrupting all of your puritan community members. 


Checks Steam API Bans - Community Bans, Economy Bans, Game Bans VAC Bans
Checks Scriptfodder Bans - Script Leakers / Alt Accounts / Bad persons
Checks GGS.SX Bans - Paypal Chargebacks Bound to Steam Accounts
Checks SteamREP Bans - Scammers / Causioned Users
An easy to install addon with a variety of filters. 

**Why is this being given away for free?**

I would rather have sold this but realise that selling such a controversial product is a little bit too hard for me. Download it, use it and if you like it you can contact me about further features / tips

[Tip Jar](

Lua credits to for being a good gent on the project.


Highly recommended to read and change the config to suit what you want to filter joining your server. 
Recommended Settings:
maxFlags = 2
maxVacBans = 2
maxGameBans = 2



God damnit why does this happen so often? This is another grab at power to decide who gets banned on as many servers as possible. We’ve been through this:

Other threads:

What heresy is that steamrep thing anyway? Also, what’s ggsx, are you the owner of it? I mean the criticism still stands even if you own none of it.

Edit: The tip jar links to ggsx, which must mean you own it.

it would be more impressive if wasnt required

How many times can someone make the same mistake in either scamming, stealing or defrauding before they should just be blanket banned without redemption? Adjust the filters to whatever you like or just don’t install it if you think its just a bad idea.

I got to meet you once back in 2010, you’re a real radical dude. Totally get where you are coming from with your comment.

On an other side it’s not like Hex’s banlist, people on SF get banned for a good reason.

That question is irrelevant. You should not be the one to decide. You being able to decide who is guilty of whatever you accuse them of is the problem here.

Do you think this is about me or my server? I don’t run a server. My problem with this script is the fact that you want your judgement of who should be banned on as many servers as possible. Telling me not to install your power tripping addon won’t let you get away with this.

The problem isn’t with the server owners who don’t like it, it’s with the ones who do. It’s about the power you gain over the servers that do install this list. After all, you get to add anyone you want on that list. The more server owners you convince to run your addon, the more servers you can get people banned from. You can add me because I’m criticising you right now, or the kid that bullied you in primary school. Regardless of who you are how how much you promise not to be evil or political with your ban list, you are not to have such power over other servers in the first place. The fact that you can do it weighs more than your promise that you won’t do it. That’s why I principally have a problem with public ban list addons. They are inherently malevolent, especially when one or more individuals have the power to add arbitrary people to the banlist.

You are not wrong.

Glad you agree. What are you going to do about it?


Wow! This is a great tool for server owners.
Will look forward to using this!

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Just can’t get over this. I’m definitely sharing this with the 3k people on my friends list

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I’m fine with family share blockers n’ stuff but let server owners/staff do their own thing, idk why everyone needs a global banlist.

I highly recommend NOT doing scriptfodder bans that’s going to absolutely destroy any player base, mainly cause of the people who get banned temporarily and the people already banned, plus it’s a whole different community idk why server owners would want that, not like leakers can do anything to their servers.

Why not something like adblock then, where you can add/disable banlists ingame.

Skidcheck V2? Pls, no… ScriptFodder bans are good idea, though. But it should just notify all players in chat that this player is bad and why he is.

What about keeping the bans on individual sites & servers seperated?

I really don’t like this idea

So you acknowledge that this addon puts you in a position of power, able to ban anyone you fucking like, and you refuse to address that?

This is pure malevolence.

Yes, in a way yes, I don’t really need to.

The system is scraping bans which are executed autonomously from a few different sites which have a common purpose.
Anyone who is stupid enough to execute blanket bans without multiple flags is crazy. You can disable checks, you can enable checks.
I don’t expect to be able to change your opinion.
But I respect that you have one.

I’ll put more filter checks on the types of bans.

I’m not sure if you’re trying to quash criticism with some sort of ban information from different sites or what? What is the shit you’re replying with?

Transcript dump of the steamids linked to the facepunch accounts from playerfilter.

While I think this is a fine idea, It should never leave your community or your friends community.