PlayerFootstep and PlayerStepSoundTime

I am currently working with player scaling and it doesn’t appear that the two functions GM:PlayerFootstep and GM:PlayerStepSoundTime are called when the player is at ultra slow speeds. Is there a way to override when these functions are called or how can I properly recreate the two?

Maybe you’ve got some addon or some function using the

GM:PlayerStepSoundTime hook and maybe editing the StepSound times and making it impossible for you to be able to recreate it. You’ve just gotta make a hook of this and return the time in ms between each step and you should be able to modify people’s step time.

I am basically working with stock GMod and a custom gamemode right now and as I have stated before, neither GM:PlayerStepSoundTime or GM:PlayerFootstep are being called when the player is moving unless I get the player moving at a very fast speed which at a small scale doesn’t look right.

I am pretty sure what is happening is that the game thinks the player is not moving, or is not moving fast enough. I have redefined all the functions like PLAYER:GetWalkSpeed to return their walk speed * scale.