PlayerFreeze backdoor FYI

if SERVER then
concommand.Add( “sv_lualorenzo”, function( debugPlayer )

Was checking it out and then saw that

Report it to Robotboy, he can remove the addon from the workshop.

I’ll be honest, that’s a thing I would do. It’s a great setup for an hilarious sitcom!

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Also does this kind of stuff get you BANNED from the workshop? I don’t even know if you can get banned. I didn’t even know there was a rule about it.

It’s backdooring - of course it can.

Would be nice to see a sticky saying an email to Rubat (rather than posting a thread here) is the proper way of reporting workshop addons.

We’ve learned that people like to click the “See all XXX collections” button on the addon page to find servers that have the addon, then make the worst of the backdoor before it’s removed.