Playerlimit cloaking.

Such as how on GMT, they can have a maximum of, for EXAMPLE, 10/10 players, non-admin joins gets instakicked, actual admin joins and it says 11/10, where the 10 limit is only visual, and the real amount might be something like total 15 slots, and non-admins kicked if joining 11-15.

Anyone know how?

sv_visiblemaxplayers 12 on a 16 slot server will make it seem as though only 12 slots are present, which will stop people connecting through the server browser. Direct connections are still possible though, so the hidden slots should be reinforced using a script or admin mod.

Ok thanks, do you know a good script for enforcing that limit, making reserved STEAMID slots?

ULX can do that.

Sorry, but I’m content using Gnix instead, I just need a stand-alone script. I saw one once, but it was mostly broken.


Or I might make my own, with documentation on player.limithit, and whether or not it goes by the visible ones.