Playermodel animations on Unreal skeleton

Simple question:
Do to the amount of UE# models we got I just wanted to ask if someone has already animated the UE3 skeleton for playermodels/npcs.
If someone has done that before, please tell, would be easier than re-animating everything.

It’s far easier to just swap it for a Valve skeleton.

Depends on how different the model is.

Was actually working on the models from Unreal Tournament 3. I have done it successfully for other models sort of, but the main issue is I usually don’t have all the animations I really need. You can fudge a lot, but it can end up looking weird.

Exactly. Why bother muddling around trying to find an animation that fits a Gmod physgun when you can just use the existing one?

When you have 40+ models to do it’s easier to get animations for it than re-rigging every single one.

You don’t need to re-rig anything, just position and pose your model so it fits the shape of the valve skeleton and then just transfer the weights from one to another.

Which is EXACTLY what that link explains how to do.

And if you:

  • Pose the ValveBiped to fit your model
  • Rename the ValveBiped bones to the Unreal bones
  • Use $renamebone to rename them back during compile

You can use that one skeleton for as many models as you want and when you compile you’ll get a ValveBiped, without ever touching the rigging.

That’s how I did the 200+ various body/head/gear meshes from Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2.

The positions of the shoulder bones do not match. At all. I already had considered renaming the skeleton before.

Also I do not use blender.

It can’t be that far off, just move them until they match. Although be careful, if you move them too far you’ll get a bit of stretching.

It all depends on the model. What exactly does it look like? What game is it from?

I have already tried moving, but I do not know how to move them without deforming the geometry they are parented to.
Gears of War, FEAR 2 are the models I am working with right now.

I don’t know how it works in Max but in Blender to move bones you just hit Tab, select it, and press G to move/R to rotate.

I haven’t played those but I’ve seen some screenshots of them. You’re doing the humanoid characters right? Then there really shouldn’t be a problem with proportions.

Another option, you can export UE anims with ActorX in Max and use those. But like I said, you’ll need to custom make anims for stuff like the Gmod physgun.

I do not use blender. The human characters in both games have more or less same bones as valvebiped, main difference is the shoulder bones pivot on the spine rather than the shoulder.
Lost Planet, Frontlines, Homefront and pretty much every game I am planning to make ragdolls of seems to also have the shoulder bones pivot on the spine.

It doesn’t matter where the original bones are as long as the ValveBiped fits the weights.

Even if the bones pivot weirdly or are located far away, if the weight is in the same area it’ll work just fine.[/t]

Left is original, Right is Valve edited.


Works 100% perfectly.

So what should I do with this model:

Also need to know what to do with facebones, ignore them or rename them?

It’s pretty easy to fudge that kind of thing. I’m talking about strafing and crouching animations. Very few games have that. Strafing you can fudge, not so much crouching, but it’s still possible.

Yeah, that should work just fine.

Regarding face bones: I usually use them to make flexes and then remove them afterwards.

So change the bones up as you described in your guide? Alright, I will try that and see how it goes.