Playermodel - Any way to skip Weight Painting or make it Easier?

Hello, I’m making this thread to find out if there is a way to actually go around weight painting or actually give me tips on how to make this process easier, Right now I basically suck at Weight Painting and it’s the main reason why I really don’t want to do Player-models. I always get to aligning the model correctly to a Valve Biped skeleton but when I automatically do the Weight paint and then manually go over it, It gets really confusing and time taking making it a really big pain.
I use Blender (Attempted using 3DS Max and Cinema4D but they both didn’t go really well…)
Is there any tips you guys can give me to make this process of weight painting easier or actually skip it.
On a thread I saw this :
"I don’t know about everyone else, but I cannot rig. I’m terrible with the Weight Paint tool and I don’t know how to do it in Max. So, here’s a trick to get around that.

Select the model, click the Object Data tab, then open Vertex Groups. You’ll see a list of all the bones the model is rigged to. Now, rename them all to match the ValveBiped bones. If you pose the model a bit you’ll see the mesh automatically jump to the bones as each group is renamed."
(Was on a thread by SergeantJoe :
I really didn’t understand how that worked and if it works anymore.
Thanks in advance.

It still works perfectly, it’s not going to change. The question is though, does your model already have bones? What model is it exactly?

Thank you for your reply,
I was wondering how to actually use the ‘trick’ to go around Weight painting, It doesn’t seem to work for me I guess?
My model does not contain any bones apart the ones that I imported from a Valve Biped skeleton.
The model I use to make this is a ‘Sirius Black’ 3D Model that I found and attempt to rig into the game.

you can use skin wrap in 3ds max.

Can you go a bit more in-depth with the trick to go around the weight Painting? SergerantJoe?
I still quite struggle what you mean by this exactly, I’ll post a screenshot of the model so far so you can see what I’m working with.

Then unfortunately this won’t work, you’ll need to rig it from scratch.

Hey there, I did my first model and rigged it, Had a small problem with the arms not rigged properly but that’s not the point I’m writing this.
I applied textures to my character by dragging and dropping the texture onto it and when I edited the QC file, made a folder put it all into the right places and the materials as a VTF and VMF the textures don’t appear in-game?