Playermodel appearing as error.

Hi, I have a server running f2s stronghold and I want to add custom playermodels so I added some through my workshop fastdl and downloaded them and extracted them, I placed all the model files in the correct folder and have added the following code to the shared.lua file of the gamemode:

["BF4 US 1"] = "models/player/us_01.mdl",

I have checked that the model files exists which it does, but when in game it just appears as an error and when equipping it, it does nothing, so what am I missing?

edit: Just checked my servers console and it fails to download the playermodels, so if anyone has a fix for that, it would be highly appreciated.

Did you load it with


Actually, no I havn’t, ill try that, thanks

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that was not the issue, it hasnt resolved my issue, and it just spews out a load of errors, but thanks for your time.

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I am attempting a steam update for my server to see if that allows the download for the addon

Did you say these player models are on the workshop?

They are on the workshop, i also extracted them and added the appropriate files in the models folder

If they are on the workshop, the easiest way ( and probably the quickest ) is to add them using workshop collections.

Create a collection on the workshop:

Add all the player models, maps, sweps etc you want on your server. Then, in your server start file ( .bat/.sh ) add:
+host_workshop_collection [collection_id] -authkey [your_auth_key]

Auth key can be got from here ( keep this private ):

Collection ID can be found in the URL… for example: <-- this number is the collection ID.

When you load your server, it’ll automatically download all the addons. Please note there is a file size limit that the server can download itself. If an addon is too big ( it’ll say in the console ), subscribe to it yourself, then go to your local garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder, take the addon, and change the addon file (.gma) to ds_addonid.gma. Then upload that yourself to your servers addon directory.

Finally, on your server, goto lua/autorun/server and create a file. It can be called anything, I usually call mine resources.lua. ( must end in .lua )

Then for each addon in the collection, add a line:
resource.AddWorkshop(“175983422”) <-- the addon ID which can be found in the URL of the addons page on the workshop.

This resources.lua will make sure clients download the workshop addon as they connect.

Hope this helps!

Ive already done that

Then why are you extracting them and uploading them to your server… can you link your workshop collection?

because I am adding them to a gamemode

I have to extract the addon to be able to add the models to the gamemode

Are you making a gamemode or adding them to a pre-made one?

Adding them to a pre-made one

if you read my post properly then you would know

First of all you need to not give people an attitude when you’re asking for help

second of all if you’re only adding them to a pre-made one on your server you don’t need to be extracting them to the server itself but mounting the workshop addon to the server. And make sure you’re adding it to the resources for the server to download to client. Exactly what was said before.I highly doubt you did it properly if it’s still a client error. Make sure you restart the server after you make the changes