Playermodel colors

Ok, so I actually spent a couple hours on the Workshop discussions, and looking through the Facepunch threads here for an answer, and haven’t found one. I apologize in advance if this issue has already been brought up.

Anyways, as everyone probably knows, the Playermodel coloring system is pretty flawed. For example, changing Kleiner’s labcoat color (let’s say green) ends up changing every other colorable playermodel to green as well (instead of just Kleiner).

If I were to go to change the colorcode to the default numbers then every colorable playermodel is a light blue.

As far as I know, there isn’t a way to reset the colors to their vanilla color schemes for each individual colorable character (Kleiner’s white coat, G-Man’s blue suit, Eli’s green vest, etc.). I’ve heard that a re-install of Garry’s Mod can fix this, which I am doing right now. Hopefully it does work.

If there is actually a way to “reset” the colors to their “vanilla” color schemes for individual playermodels, could anyone give me an answer?