Playermodel customization

i would like a special type of playermodel tool that can be customized to the players will. i believe it would be cool to have certain models in sections, so you can “equip” one pair of legs with a different torso and yet another head. almost like armor. is this possible?

I think so if someone actually wants to do it for you which I guess is no. Unless someone is really nice or you do it yourself.

You could use PAC though and player clothing addon was kinda like this.

ive always wanted to make them myself but i dont know which programs are capable of making the right format models. obviously(?) sketchup isnt going to work, nor do i expect it too. which are good programs for modeling of the source engine?

3Ds max. It costs cash though. Also it might be better you learn to actually model first so you dont buy a pricy modelling program for nothing.

why does everyone assume that if you ask what software to buy that you have no clue how to model? its frustrating. ive used swift and some others (including sketchup, but that sucks tremendously) do you know where the cheapest place to buy it is?

in case i didnt make it clear, ive modeled before.

Maybe clipping playermodels and attaching them but that could get very laggy.

maybe some sort of way that you can where more than one playermodel, and certain playermodels have transparent zones, so as to wear both.