Playermodel disappears when dead?

I have a playermodel set and I dont know why but whenever I die my model disappears. Like I die and my body just pops away, and in the console I see Model Missing: models/player/hhhman.mdl which I DO have. Any help?

Why have you not specified anything? Is this sandbox, CoderHireRP/DarkRP (same difference) or a custom gamemode made by you? Specify!!!


How exactly are you setting their model to “hhhman”? And edit your post to specify TTT

I had the same problem.

To fix this, what you need to do is create a folder in the garrysmod folder, you know the one with addons etc.
Anywho, create a folder called models. and move all the models into there, the folders.

AND YES a custom folder does matter, so if there is a custom folder such as a model from workshop, you would add the custom folder so it would look like this.