Playermodel doesnt change when job is changed?

So when I change jobs my playermodel doesn’t change to the correct job? I have the latest version of darkrp and it is set to change playermodel, yet its not working?


GM.Config.enforceplayermode = true


Yes it is set to True. It might have been an addon conflicting but Im not sure.

But pal…This is developer section, no support section

Support Section is for gaming problems like game not working

You are not developing nothing, so this is not for developers section…Simple like that

i use dev section to ask for problems with my code? support section is for Problems PLAYING garrysmod

You are free to stop being dumb and read rules

you put code problems here, not in the support section

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salty that your wrong?

The correct forum for this issue is the DarkRP forum, not facepunch.

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Is it true (lowercase) or True (uppercase T)? Needs to be lowercase.

Okay, show me where the author put any code here…Or is programming something to create or solve something…
I’ll stop, I hate newbies thinking that just because we can code, their can come here to ask gmod support or help for their jobs list
It happens also on programming section

Guys stop Arguing about what section this should be in this should be in darkrp forums, not on facepunch

Hey, I said that already, if you’re just gonna repeat stuff that has already been said then don’t bother posting at all. /s