Playermodel glows in the dark on GMOD

Hello. I recently installed a playermodel addon based on Xavier Renegade Angel. I liked it, since it’s the only XRA playermodel out there, but there’s an issue that really bothers me and it’s that it looks really bright in the dark. No flashlight or nothing, it just… glows in the dark.

Here’s a screenshot showing the issue:

I wanted to know, if I were to extract the model, how can I fix this issue? It’s really, really bothersome, and I doubt the original uploader will update it any time soon.

Here’s the addon, incase you need it:

Thank you in advance.

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I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum and now I can’t delete it. If someone can move this, that’d be great.

That’s a strange one, nothing I’ve seen before, it’s probably not selfillum, my take on it is that it could be the lightwarp, maybe it was done for a reason and wasn’t meant to be in gmod, I’d say to just look at the VMT and see what’s wrong, maybe you can even post both QC and VMT, it’s more likely that people will help if they don’t have to download, extract and decompile the addon by themselves.

My bad, you’re right, I should of posted the extracted addon.

Here it is, there were no QC files but there were VMT files:!Ic8HgRja!TdaTe8-AyOLQPPJVEiR17f3DHXLWc-KBeC44dgEqUoU

In the vmt files, change $UnlitGeneric to $VertexLitGeneric

That did it. Thank you so much!