Playermodel Help with animations

Okay so I chose a ragdoll that has a skeleton compatible with valve’s as I know nothing about modeling, I decompiled the model, added $includemodel “f_anm.mdl” to the .qc file, compiled it and nothing seemed to change. It still does the t-posing. It’d be great if you could help me, thank you all in advance! I can post screenshots where you need them, oh and I’ve been testing the model in Clockwork, that might be causing it too?

Can you post the model here?

Code’s correct, and if it’s on the ValveBiped then there should be no issue. What are the bone names like?

Do you mean like a link to the workshop page or like upload it somewhere?

[editline]30th August 2014[/editline] it’s this one, I honestly couldn’t reach the owner so if he has a problem with it he should reach me. Workshop page: I assumed it’d have bones compatible with valve since it’s originally a player model sort of thing for L4D and also on garry’s mod workshop

L4D models are on a different version of the Valve biped from HL2/newer CS:S.

Oh… Uh… What now?

What did you not understand about that statement? I am saying that it will not work in GMod without some bone reworking; particularly removing.

That’s what I was asking

Uh, on how to do that? You’d need a modelling program and just merge/rename the newer bones with the old set. I’m honestly not too familiar with the L4D biped, but from what I know, the main culprits are face flexes and something with the right hand.

Here’s a tutorial on this exact subject.

That’s really helpful but will I need to change every bone name in the .qc file with the ones I change?

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Does that mean this model is no good?

Uh I needed directconnect so I got that but apparently I need some smd importer too, and there’s no such thing for 2015 3ds max, I’ll go download the 2012 one

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I got Blender instead, haha. Now I can’t get it to open .mdl files though. I got the source tools installed but they don’t appear on the list when trying to open them

Sorry I wasn’t able to help you on steam yesterday (if that was you since you have the same profile pic) so I managed to sort it out for you. It does need a lot of work and the bones were named correctly as far as I’m concerned.

  1. No head texture = black/purple squares
  2. Weapon bones aren’t correct = weapons are held stupidly
  3. Needs a better rig = finger bones are messed up
  4. Qc is clustered = needs fixing for $attachment

I extracted the .vpk using GFCscape then extracted the .mdl files using crowbar after I added in this
$includemodel “f_anm.mdl”
Next I recompiled using GUIstudioMDL then made it into an addon with a lua, materials, and models folder

I got the owner’s permission now, if anyone is interested they can freely do it

I found the head textures, they were in the folder but apparently you forgot to include those


He already did it for you.