Playermodel Help

Hi. Well, this is actually a pretty simple question if there is a solution, as an admin is there any way I can make is so I can change my playermodel on DarkRP?

Also, sorry if this is supposed to be in the “Roleplaying” section, i’m asking a question so I just assumed help.

most rp servers have preset playermodels… I suggest pressing f4 going to jobs choose which one you like and you’ll get that job, as well as the model specified for it. for example, gundealers are usually grigori, and most of the time cops are combines. normal model changing doesn’t work unless the admin set it so you can.

Ermm. Thanks. But I know all about DarkRP… I’m asking if anyone knows how to set it where I can change my player model, or turn off EnforceModel other than the F4 admin tab menu. It doesn’t work.