Playermodel Issues

Heya, I’ve recently gotten these models that contain playermodels and such.

Now, the problem about it is that, the animations in ‘normal’ for the weapon Hold Types makes the model go in a T-pose, only when you walk and run around though. When you’re standing still, you have an idle pose.
I don’t have any experience in LUA or modelling, so I don’t really know the issue here. My only assumption is that the ‘normal’ animation has the wrong set of animations for the model, but I am not entirely sure.

Any help?

The models were compiled to work as NPCs not player models, they point to the AI animations rather than the player animations

if you want to make them player models you’ll have to decompile them and add these

$includemodel "humans/male_shared.mdl"
$includemodel "humans/male_ss.mdl"
$includemodel "humans/male_gestures.mdl"
$includemodel "humans/male_postures.mdl"
$includemodel "player/male_anims.mdl"
$includemodel "player/player_animations.mdl"

If you don’t mind, what are the ones for police?

Thanks! I’ll see if this works.

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Actually uhm, I might have done something terrible.
Ragdolls don’t appear anymore and if you walk during the ‘normal’ animation you disappear completely.
Oh and it prints this error in the console.

MDLCache: player\Player_animations.mdl needs to be recompiled

And beside the error, the playermodels have this huge gap in their right shoulder.
Which wasn’t there before I did all the decompiling.

Update: I added the grenadier.phy thing to all the other models, so now everyone has ragdolls. But they still disappear when they’re walking in the ‘normal’ animation.

WHOOP, nevermind. I seem to have fixed it.

Thanks for the help.