Playermodel Jigglebones Problem

So I’ve been making a few playermodels for a friend, and I wanted to add jigglebones to the hair of one.
For my example I am going to show you the Chell model that comes with Garry’s Mod. I have removed her ponytail bones.

No pony tail bones, and when compiled, she comes out fine.

However, if I add my own ponytail bone trying to mimic the previously existing one, everything seems to be working.

Until compiled;

The jiggles bones do work now, but the rest of the model is messed up.
Could someone please tell me what I’m missing?:suicide:
I’ve tried using jigglebones with multiple models but it always results in distortion.:pwn:
The Jigglebone .qc

$jigglebone "Jiggle"
		length 15
		tip_mass 50
		pitch_stiffness 150
		pitch_damping 8
		yaw_stiffness 150
		yaw_damping 8
		along_stiffness 80
		along_damping 3
		angle_constraint 50.000001

I would be happy to provide the rest of the .qc if needed.

Milkshape 3D has issues with extra bones for jigglebones.
Use another program such as Blender instead.

Extrude another bone that will be in the position of the ponytail and use that one as a jigglebone.

Thanks for the response Buu :downs:

Unfortunately the problem didn’t seem to change.
Both bones are assigned to their related vertices.

Your problem mainly lies with the program you’re using. When working with .SMD files that have pre-existing bones in Milkshape 3D (which is what it looks like you’re using), making any changes aside from deleting bones (such as moving, scaling, rotating, or adding bones/joints) will cause the joints to rotate and disfigure the model in one way or another.

milkshape also just breaks blend weights iirc

Thanks for the advice! My friend helped me add the jigglebones in Blender and they worked perfectly.:dance: