Playermodel Request

Hi. I am in need of a playermodel made out of a personal model, which is basically just a hexed, reskinned citizen model.
That should be all of the neccessary files.

Is anyone up for it? The person who does it gets their name in the credits of my next video(unless he says otherwise).

I am taking a crack at it

Try this, I didn’t really get to try it. My mom is rushing me out of the fucking house >:(

Drop Models, Materials, lua, and settings in the main Gmod folder. Let it replace

Its missing the animations, its just stuck in a mingebag pose. :frowning:


Fuck I am sorry, I was rushed. If you give me more time I can give it a run later tomorrow

Sure, no rush.

Weird, just weird. It works just fine, no issues with the animations. I only get this. I have gotten this with 2 different personal skins I tried making players

A friend of mine said it can be fixed by opening the facemap and unclamping T and S(rough translation), I have no idea what that means but can you try it?

Holy crap, you just saved the player model

Thanks guys for helping


Although, are you an alt of the guy who was making the model, or did you just stalk this thread until you got the model worked out?

Alt of Jaratedude

Alright :v:

Thanks for the playermodel :]