Playermodel Request

Could anyone please turn this into a player? its already hexed (I think…)

uuhhh…were is the link or picture?

i think that would help

I could have sworn i put the link in…

are there pictures?, also im not a modeler or texture guy, but there are a few around here

i would really be only good at advance uplication stuff

Got it, I will take a try at it

holy crap it looks like he got hit by a tank

Thanks for Holmess/Jason


How does this work out?, I request something noone post, some guy post something everyone -RUSH RUSH RUSH- caps*

Pretty good skin just I’m a little ticked noone post when I request…

if you do make and npc it would have to be a freindly cause in the real game that they are from they are freindly and try to remove the assualt rifle from his right hand so the player model might be easier to model