Playermodel Rigging Six [Little Nightmares]

Hey gang.

Not the best model rigger here. Trying to used the extracted Ragdoll of Six to make a playermodel for use in Gmod. I’ve tried rigging the model in blender but im getting stuck at the assigning automatic weight part.

Getting the common Bone heat error when trying to start on weight. I’ve tried separating her clothing and other slightly complicated bits in order to bypass that error but I cannot seem to find what is causing the bone heat error.

If any of you are more experienced than me and willing to assist in getting the mesh and skeleton to merge for weighting I would be ever so grateful :0

Can’t really offer anything in return other than to let you use the playermodel yourself in Gmod. I’m happy to post publicly if I can get Brewdolph the red-nosed reindeer’s permission. (He ported the ragdolls in a pack, was just trying to create a player model for myself originally)

Any help is appreciated.

Scratch this post, got some help and figured it out. ^^