Playermodel Spawns in Ceiling on 67th Way v7 and v9.

A playermodel that I made is now being used on a server I go on, but often when I use the model, I spawn here:

And I can’t get out unless I have a mod/admin teleport me.

How do I fix this?

Here’s my model:

I know it does not solve the issue, but you could just create a simple script where someone can type !stuck and it will teleport them out of the wall.

The problem is that I can see that being abused to avoid getting killed during a game.

Only let them use it in the first 10 seconds then? V7 and V9 are unofficial edits btw, so I wouldn’t trust that they’re perfect.

I’ll talk to the server admin about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Now if I could just figure this crap out: