Playermodel T-Pose

So, quick question that I’m really bewildered by, I’m trying to set the player’s model, nothing fancy, but whenever I do, the player is T-Posed with no animations and a gun in his crotch. Here’s a screenshot:

Anyway heres the relevant code, this should be a simple mistake but I’m still not finding the solution:

function GM:PlayerSetModel(pl)

Why don’t you call it on GM:PlayerSpawn ? much more efficient

I’m pretty sure you need to set it with models/humans/more_file_path because models/player has no player animations.

Because calling it on PlayerSpawn doesnt even set the model, not to mention theres a gamemode hook specifically dedicated to setting the playermodel.

“models/human” is where the animationless models are. “models/player” is where the playermodels are.

Bump for the sake of silly looking players?

Are you certain it isn’t the SWEP he’s using? The SWEP needs to have HoldType defined serverside and clientside (there’s plenty of threads on this)

SWEP.HoldType is defined shared, and SetWeaponHoldType() is called shared as well. The weapon holdtype looks perfect so long as I dont try changing the playermodel, heres the code from my SWEP, hopefully this can be resolved soon :v:

SWEP.HoldType = “ar2”

function SWEP:Initialize()

Thats in shared.lua of my SWEP, no if(SERVER) or if(CLIENT) calls.

Bump and double post, I switched the SWEP the player is given at spawn and he’s still T posed using the default weapon_crowbar. Also, he has player animations until his playermodel is set by a timer.Simple() set to go off after 1 second.

did you try models/human/ before you dismissed it as a possibility?

The CS:S playermodel I’m using isnt located in models/human, so why would I?

Although yes, I did try.

Maybe try SetAnimation on the player after changing the model?

Wild guess.