Playermodel Weapon Worldmodel Bug

I began to create a playermodel for Garry’s Mod with a skin that was originally for Counter Strike: Source and all was going well.

I hexed the skin and such, opened the .mdl (which was extracted from the CSS cache for the t_artic) and edited it with XVI32 as any normal lad would creating a playermodel. I then got the correct animations for it and tested it in Model Viewer and it worked fine. I tried it out in-game and this happened:

The world model work correctly for only the crowbar, physgun, gravgun, revolver, crossbow, grenade, rocket launcher, camera, and toolgun.

Any reason for it doing this?

Looks like the origins of his hold locations could be off.

I’ve had this happen before when I only used HexEdit & didn’t decompile/recompile it, but if you add me on steam I’ll do it for you.

No need I realized that I didn’t have the correct attachments for the model and so I fixed it myself.