Playermodels (and other stuff) never work. Always a big ERROR !

Hello !

I tried many times to find out why the playermodels never work. (Also weapons and trails…)
I don’t think it’s a problem like : People don’t have the models.
They have theme because when they load the server, they download it, and the file comes in their download folder (steam/steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/download/).
I have added a file in lua/autorun/server where there is resource.AddFile !
So please… Can you help me !

Thanks !

Are you getting any console errors about the missing models? Post them if you have any

Also, when you said:

Do you have the files serverside in the corresponding folder you’re using AddFile on so it actually sends the files?

Testing now !


I think this the only error with the word “point” in it.
I didn’t had it before, the model weren’t working…
Don’t know ! xD

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Actually, it don’t download it directly from my computer, I hav set a fastdl, and the folders match !

Here are some information that could be useful !

The resource.AddFile for model Amaterasu :

The location of the model Amaterasu on my computer :

The location of the model amaterasu on my FTP server :

The sv_download url of my server.cfg :

The pointshop file for the model Amaterasu :

How it looks on the game :