Playermodels are errors!

We all know what its like to be sitting and watching those little balls fly around the blue “g” while we wait to load the millions of files a gmod server wants us to have. Well i normally hate this but when i got my server my server decided not to be a dick and to not make people load my files i put up. I’m trying to set up a sort of steam punk server and with that comes custom player models. I have these player models all set up and they work but only if you have them put in your addons folder, you cannot get them from the server. I believe it might be that the files are too big for the server to give out but as of right now I’m not worried about load time as much as not having error player models. I have tried net_maxfilesize 27 but that hasn’t worked.

P.S. I really don’t want to make a whole new thread in mapping for such a small question, but does anyone know/have a steam punk map?

Thanks to anyone who read the entire post. :smiley:

Are you using sv_downloadurl?

If you aren’t, you probably just need to use resource.AddFile to fix this.

How would I use this?