Playermodels bugging up

Well. after i installed Pmod to gmod i was woundering what did it do so after then
i tired going to my zombie playermodel and it wouldn’t show up in the camera stool.
which all playermodels show up in camera. but if i attach the zombie playermodel this happens

and then when i type kill in console this happens

the ragdoll when i type kill console shows up fine

but when i attach any other skin that is not a zombie or undead being like metro cop
i have to disconnect from single player and start single player and all the playermodels work again just none of the undead ones

so can you guys help me?

if the zombie models worked before you installed pmod, just uninstall pmod.

and you installed something without knowing what it did? not a very good idea when dealing with the internet

Pmod always fucked up my shit.

Same, tried making my own players. BAM! The Pmod in SLK’s pack was affecting it