Playermodels change to Dr. Kliener

So now i got this problem, I never had it before… Every time I go change my player model, whether it’d be a Counter-Terrorist from CS:S or A Combine Super Solider, It changes back to Kliener after a while. And its REALLY annoying me… Anyone know a fix or anything?

well, i had the mingebag hack once, and it did that. i gave up trying to get rid of it, but then i reached a point when i HAD to rename my gmod folder. FIXED so just rename your garrysmod folder and it should be fine :slight_smile:

Hack…? What do you mean? I did it before anyway. THAT didn’t work.

it must have been an LUA virus of some sort, i dont know. but all i did was rename my main garrysmod folder steammapps / garrysmod to garrysmodX and then when i loaded up gmod again, it was fixed, along with another virus i had that got fixed but it kept putting a message in the debug menu :confused: just try renaming it again

i have this problem too execpt it doesn’t change to the model i want i click on the options player model change to halo 2 mc and it changes back to kliener I HATE KLIENERA!

Do you have PMod installed?

If the server doesn’t have the model (if it’s a custom model or the owner doesn’t have CSS or something) it will ALWAYS go to kleiner.

He never said anything about being on a server.