Playermodels in my Server revert to default after each round (Murder)

Good day! So, I have struggling to find a solution to having players keep their playermodels equipped in my Server after each round. The pointshop (by _Undefined) shows they have it equipped but they appear as the default model. I have showered every search I have made and I find old posts mainly irrelevant to me due to them mainly being for TTT and being outdated by two years.

What I need and ask for help for here is how to make it so my players keep their skins on after every round. Is it an Lua file related to the gamemode, the server, or the pointshop add-on? Or is it possible I even missed something while adding the models? So far the only models that seem to stay are ones that are assigned to a specific group.
Such as, in my case, “Owner” “Top Doge” and the group “Awesome”

If you’re using the old PointShop, well, good luck.
If you’re using the ScriptFodder version, make your money worth and ask Kamshak:

So, basically, you’re saying the pointshop I’m using may be the issue? I will totally get the script fodder one if it saves me the headache. One thing, are the directories the same and work the same? For example, I could just backup all my <model>.lua files I’ve put in and just toss them into the new pointshop’s correct directory?

What is this supposed to mean? The old pointshop is still a great addon and should work

As for the models resetting, try putting a (longer) timer on OnEquip, it’s possible that Murder sets its own player model after the pointshop does