Playermodels multiple materials


I’ve been adding things to a model, but for some reason only 1 custom material is showing up. The rest of the things that I added are purple/black. Let me try to explain this in PICTURES!

A = Cape
B = Shoulderpads
C = Clip
D = Helmet

For some reason, only the Helmet material shows up, but the others don’t. (Each thing has it’s own material and their all in the same folder) and in the QC file it’s called with:

$cdmaterials "models\PilotsModels\ModernRomanSoldier\"

Anything that stands out to you that I need to fix? I feel like this would explain a lot of things that have been going wrong for me with materials.

My guess is that the specific material name wasn’t assigned to that part of the model.
Try selecting those parts of the model, and look for the name of the materials in the material slots.

You can look through the model SMD and see material names that are assigned, look for typos or incorrect material names.

Add me on Steam and I will help you out. Remind me about that since I had a lot of people shouting help for me and I didn’t know what they needed help with.

Silly me stupidly named the Materials a different name than the .vtf which I think was the problem because once I matched the name’s it worked. Glad to have finally figured this out, this one had affected me a lot.