Playermodels Not Working?

I am having a weird issue with TTT and Pointshop. Ive been searching high and low for a solution and I can’t seem to resolve it.

I have had everything setup just fine and everything is working without a problem, except for models. Player Models in the PointShop will show up on the Prepairing Round like they should, however as soon as the round starts they all get overwritten and automatically have the default skin set for that level…

Ive tried to completely reinstall Pointshop and do a fresh install, and nothing. The odd thing is items like hats, trails, and other items will save just fine, its just character models that reset.

I even have the default value set for 1 so it is supposed to save like it should… Am I missing something in the map files? Any hints would be great.

Using the latest verison of Gmod and Pointshop.

Never mind, I figured it out.

In the TTT Core Files, There is two files for playermodels that randomizes the default skins on the maps. You have to delete them both and go into player_ext.lua line 271 and delete that line to fix the texture problem.

Mark the thread as solved please.