OK, so i have a gmod sandbox server and i wanted to know if there’s ANY way to make people that join my server have a default skin that i choose?


where would i add that? im not good at lua

ply:SetModel( "models/something.mdl" )

It’s serverside

sorry im confused , which code wpuld it be, and where would it go like gmod/lua/cl_init?

Make a new file in lua/autorun/server. Name it whatever you want. Make a PlayerSpawn hook and put ply: SetModel(modelpathhere) in it. Very simple

so i would have this code “ply: SetModel(blahblah.mdl)” put it in .lua file and just put it in lua/autorun/server?
im sorry im so bad with lua

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PLAYER:Spawn(ply: SetModel(modelnamehere))

would this be the code?

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[lua]function GM:PlayerSpawn( ply )
ply:SetModel( “models/modelhere.mdl” )

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