Players are able to change brush colors

Players are able to change the color of the brushes on any given map. As seen in the screenshot, the given minge/exploiter changed the grass to a more green color. However, I have seen transparency, blue, orange, all kinds of crazy colors. The color itself does not matter, apparently.
The exploit is able to change the grass/skybox color to any color, even a transparent one, causing the “hall of mirrors” effect.

It appears the exploit is, erm, exploited through expression 2 in some way. No other tools or methods of interaction have been able to cause this effect.

I’d be happy to provide extra info if necessary. I have no idea how to make an image a thumbnail, but here you go.

If it’s an E2 exploit then you either put up with it or restrict E2 I’m afraid. :confused:

Honestly, I was hoping somebody could give me the details of the exploit so I could block it inside the e2 code.

But yeah, that seems like the only option right now.