Players are Errors?!?

I own a DarkRP server, and when I tried to set player models for new classes, they’re all errors?

Here’s my jobs.lua:

Even the Mexican Cartel Members are errors, and their model is just male17.mdl !

(I hold down “C” and click on the models and they’re not errors, but in game they are!)

(The other players see them as either errors or invisible)

The non-default models are likely errors due to the clients not downloading them or you mistyping the correct path to the model.

As for the default models appearing as errors, this is because you have the incorrect file paths, I quickly scanned over your file and here is some issues:

“DEA Agent” model is “models/player/css_riot.mdl” but should be “models/player/riot.mdl”
“Mexican Drug Lord” model is “models/player/css_leet.mdl” but should be “models/player/leet.mdl”

There is probably more but I didn’t have the time to look through your entire file.

You mentioned an issued with the “Mexican Cartel Members” model, “male17.mdl” is not a default player model.

Thanks for that, sorry if it seems like I literally have a pile of shit for a brain, I’m new at this.
But I don’t really know how to find where the paths are…? Like, where is models/players or whatever?

There are third party websites that have model lists, such as this one:

i fucking love you

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Thank you so much, but what if I want to install custom player models, how would I find the paths / make it not an error for players? Thanks

You don’t need to find the paths. Just set the custom models up in fastdl. The model paths are in your addons/the files name/models then just follow that path to the playermodel and use the file that is .mdl.


You get a GMad extractor, and extract the addon. Then you see where the model is.

That is, if the developer didn’t actually give you the player model in the description or something.

Theres a million tutorials on YouTube on how to do all of what you want. Just Google it.