Players are killing the game?


In this video, VERTiiGO is pointing at something that’s been increasingly irritating for the last couple of months.
I get it, killing people is fun. But once people get sick of getting attacked by every single player they encounter, they are going to leave. It’s no surprise that the number of people on every server is slowly decreasing like it did at the end of Legacy days. They are not getting bored. They are not getting annoyed by the evergrowing gamechanging updates (I like them, personnally. It makes us rethink the game). They are only sick of Rust becoming like a sandbox Call of Duty filled by salty squeakers, threatening and insulting each other in chat more and more every single day.

Some of you know that I’ve been a huge Rust fan for a year and a half. Some of you have even been playing for longer than that. That’s why I come here today to hear your opinion on this. Do you want Rust to become slowly a generic FPS like so many others (and if it’s the case, what makes you think players are going to stay on Rust instead on playing another game?), or would you like some changes that would force players to interact with each other instead of shooting at sight?


I completely agree. Love VERTiiGO’s vids, but this one is especially thoughtful. I seek and praise those who play in a friendly/helpful manner. But the sad reality is that 98% of my encounters are either:

  1. get sniped while farming wood/stone/ore, get looted, get mocked
  2. see someone, go over, talk friendly, get killed, get looted, then get taunted with various permutations of ‘u mad bro?’ and ‘u got rekt noob’… very, very unfortunate.

But it’s those 1-2% friendly encounters that have me clinging to hope. There ARE people out there willing to work together, chat, share, cooperate… and in these instances, the game focus becomes much more than just survival.

Edit: But to answer your question Lurd, I really hope the Rust team can tailor the focus more towards interaction and community and not a “I got more headshots than you” FPS. If I wanted a slew of headshots with a gun, I’d be playing CoD and not Rust…

Well, not trying to be polemical but at some point one must face the facts: Rust community is the worst of the worst…
I’ve think I’ve finally found a nice server with nice people but it was not an easy task.

Problem is, fake friendlies have started such a suspicion of naked players that new players often get caught in the crossfire. It does not happen often but, quite a few times i’ve had players say things like “oh yeah im just starting out do you have some resources” so i open up my inventory and the naked pulls an ak on me and shoot me in the head.

I actually like the direction the game is going to. And yes, killing other people is a part of it. Why is that a bad thing? You should be scared and paranoid when you see other people. That’s one of the greatest experiences when I play Rust. That doesn’t make the game casual FPS, that makes it Rust. Rust isn’t about peace.

I don’t mind getting killed by a loner pub. But I hate it when I make a shack, make sure to hide it, log off over night (10 hours) and wake up to all my armored doors broken and everything missing except my sleeping bag and the empty chests and when I look around the corner, in 10 hours they built a whole compound of stone and armored doors. When groups find a quarry and a pump jack sight next to each other that becomes amazingly OP. Then they use all their resources to raid 1x1 shack and take everything? Why do they take my stone when they can quarry theirs own? I understand if they want to take my high quality metals or anything that is hard to harvest/hunt. That is why I dislike groups. You can always SAFLY assume groups are aggressive. I’ve had pleasant encounters with loners, but groups knock me down and ask what group I’m a part of. When I insist I am a loner they kill me. So my question is, did it really matter if I was in a group, from my prospective it didn’t matter because both answers would have ended the same way… with my death

I’m a solo’er who plays by himself until I have a well hidden 1x1 shack that I can use for a staging area for future plans. I will then build a “Loud” stone house put a few things in it, secure it with locks and try to find someone to bag in as a friend, that way if they betray me they get a house that I built and know which rooms are what. When I’m not doing that and I’m being aggressive, I like to be semi friendly so I will knock someone down and take a few things (HQ metals, anything he can hurt me with) and I pick them back up and RUN!!! It may not seem nice but as a loner I wish people would do that to me sometimes. Instead people kill each other and see who can hoard the biggest loot pile before the server wipes and everything is gone. (what a waste)

I played this game back in 2013 and left to give this game time to develop. And I had a question similar to the one being inquired about here. Here is my post back in 2013 I came back to this game about a month ago. I love Rust but I have trouble building something to have a server wipe in a week or 2. And that’s only if you start building RIGHT after a server wipe. And during this time of trying to build I have to be killed by anybody with a faster start then me. I love only having stone tools and getting kill by ANY gun. That is Fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes the t-bird away.(not sure what a t-bird is but I’m being sarcastic.)

We do same stuff in Europe. It is my territory go away.
Its not just killing in rust. It is defending territory.

I guess defending territory is one way of putting it. I call it fear, you’re afraid a bigger bad’er group will settle in your area and destroy you, so you take it out on every person you see. You don’t trust anyone cause you think you can’t afford too, to much to lose. I put small 1x1 shakes anywhere seemingly safe, this breaks up my loot so I can afford to be friendly.

No, what’s killing the player base is the 10 year old squeakers that can’t read the “You must be ## years old to play” or simply ignore it, plus the lack of that rule being enforced. I’d even say 95% of hackers fall under that category as well. So eliminating these 10 year old spastics from the game would make it a lot more enjoyable in my opinion and would probably solve like 80% of the games issues.

The fact that the Rust community is full of worthless sacks of shit doesn’t mean the “players” are doing anything with this game, or taking it down some unfortunate road. Nor is any of this new. Rust, the game, is designed to be a harsh, aggressive, KOS game. There’s almost no benefit to being overly friendly or peaceful to other players beyond satisfying the Out Of Character first-world society-living altruism of you the player… choosing not to kill someone will often put you in danger, and letting your neighbor flourish will come back to bite you when he learns C4. There’s almost no benefit to forming big cooperative towns, since everyone has the same abilities (and in short order the same crafting library), except having more eyes on the wall… and that’s mitigated by the security gaps caused by a piecemeal build design.

Everything you can learn, craft or build in Rust is either geared towards killing/raiding, defending against killing/raiding, or gathering more resources so you can build more instruments of killing/raiding. There’s literally nothing else, unless you count artistic expression in the form of drawing penises on large wooden signs.

Saying “this is a sandbox and we should be doing this or that or the other thing” is asinine. If you want to organize the players on your server to built a Utopian community with weekly live chess matches just outside the airfield, do so. But in the absence of game functionality to do otherwise, this is a violent post-apocalyptic game where it’s often easier and necessary to take what others have instead of grinding it out yourself, and absolutely nothing else to do but kill people once you have every resource you could ever possibly use… Stop blaming the players for playing the game Rust rather obviously lends itself to being.

I think everyone who really takes Rust seriously and gets UPSET if the game isn’t fun, at this early stage, needs to spend some time thinking about what an alpha really is: an in-development WIP where balance isn’t a priority.

If you’re playing Rust strictly for entertainment, that’s totally fine – but have the right expectations. And if that means the game isn’t fun, go play other things for six months and then check in on how Rust is doing.

The only thing “killing” Rust has always been morons who expect a late-beta experience out of an alpha. People who are running KOSfests that clear servers are just taking full advantage of every dirty trick available in the unfinished gameplay meta.

People running KOS fests are idiots with small dicks who need to get their kicks by pretending to be somehow superior in a video game! I would not mind a week of real life rust island with these dip shits, I can guarantee they would not last long

I think a big issue to do with player killing being so rampant is the inability to see player names until within what is definitely a threatening distance (like 2 metres away).

With so many pricks out there combined with server lag and OP weapons being able to 1 or 2 shot you, its better to shoot first and help your friends back up than get killed by some twat after you’ve helped them out by giving them a weep n clothes n they’ve shot you in the back.

Similarly, an option needs to be made so that you can give someone your base codes to use, WITHOUT them being able to change them. As a friendly player, (one who’s also old enough that I don’t have a legion of real life friends playing rust to team with) I’ve had 2 or 3 bases lost because twats thought they’d be clever and change the codes (not to get loot, which I lock away separately but just to be dicks).

Really teaming up is the best solution to counter the dickheads, but right now it’s impossible to build a communal space to which I can invite newcomers and friendlies without the fear that they will just wreck my base by changing door codes as so many of the kids seem to find it fun to do.

Ya know Elix…I’ve spent a great many hours on this thread and seen you say the same thing over and over. Granted, to some it needs to be said and others just don’t get it.
Yes, it is pre access. But how long does this statement stay valid?
We are nearing a two year development period and yes, not without some changes (as expected) but at the same point there needs to be a line drawn. The community of people here who bought this game a long time ago deserve to have some insight as to what is expected. And no Elix, this cannot remain open ended access when you are dealing with a financial structure this game has.
This game is NOT on a development scale like such games as Star citizen and yet they are doing the same thing. People are really getting pissed off. And over 89 million was used on this programs kickstarter. Again, I know Rust is not on this level but I have been in to many early access games to know that something is just not right with this game and I encourage you to rethink your stance.

With that said, I know how you would probably physically stand up for FPStudios but I myself have the knack of seeing things a mile down the road, and this is beginning to take the shape of disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to kill and to raid as much as the next guy. I understand it can be fun to shoot somebody to take his loot, or necessary to defend oneself.
But right now, on most servers, most players are killing nakeds and geared up guys alike. Even if they’re not threatening. I was farming some wood this morning, naked with only a hatchet and a few bandages like I always do. A dude in his tower 100m away shot me from his roof for absolutely no reason. Was I doing something wrong? I don’t think so. Was I being threatening? Absolutely not.

So, my point here is not that people should all work together to create a bright future with flowers and butterflies. But it’s that, at the moment, Rust is like a CoD FFA. You see a dude? Kill him, no matter what he does, wears or has in his hand. Even if he’s far away, or trying to build a small shack.
And people are getting annoyed. People are leaving the game. A server where 100 to 120 players were on every evening now struggles to reach 30-40 active players.

And, looking at the recent changes in the game, devs are focusing more and more on killing, be it with helicopters, new gun attachments or other stuff alike. I like that they’re implementing more and more things in the game every week, but it’s heading towards a slippery path where a few players will roam the map to kill every living soul, and where the majority will be bored and leave.

I think things like the helicopter are meant to start providing players with an external threat against which they have to team up to win and also provide an ammo sink/external threat for the snipers, etc who just camp in their towers all day every day taking potshots at people.

I’ll have you know that I’m the #1 contributor to the Star Citizen megathread on FP and I could write an entire essay on how you need to calm down and learn some patience. Do you know how long games actually take to make? Two years is fucking nothing if your game is more complicated than Bejeweled these days. Unless you want more Assassins Creed: Unity situations–that’s what you get with a two-year release cycle.

What financial structure what games have? What the hell are you talking about? You bought a game in Early Access and that game will be finished when it’s finished and you don’t have any position to demand a timeline with a firm deadline. You are not an investor.

“Something is not right with this game”? Care to explain what kind of shit you think garry is pulling? Do enlighten us with your conspiracy theories and half-baked notions of game development. Or, if you mean “this game” to be Star Citizen instead of Rust, you can come to the SC megathread where I can pick apart your impatient whining there, because Star Citizen is off-topic for the Rust subforum. (Do you even know that ArcCorp Area 18 is already playable? Are you reading the weekly fps status posts? Or anything they post?)

Well they could implement some karma system encouraging people to attack if neccesary. But I can’t think of how it would exactly work.

I’ve been playing just about every other survival open world game I have found and they are in varrying states of completion, rust is the only one with this problem that I have found. But the only thing I can see taut the other games have that rust does not is a PVE threat. Although I doubt that will fix this toxic community even if it is implemented.

The game is the way it is because sandbox games cannot exist in a multiplayer setting. They will always devolve into what the lowest common denominator wants it to be.

Bullshit, they’re all the same. Bitch about the community all you want, it happens to every game in the survival genre.