players are ragdolled when dead?

So in my darkrp server, when people die they are ragdolled, admins can pys gun them, players can use their grav gun on them. How do I turn that off?

Edit the DarkRP config.
If thats not the problem, deinstall such addons.

where would I edit this in the darkrp config? and if its the addons, ive got no idea which addon is causing it, ive got tons

Do not add addons you do not need or you did not test, that is just stupid.

You know far too little to host a darkRP server.

How on Earth do you not know where the DarkRP config is?

Guys. I know where the darkrp config is, I don’t know the option inside of the config file, there’s atleast a hundred options… And I tested all my addons, none of them caused any errors so I thought they worked fine, I didn’t know 1 addon would cause dead bodies to be ragdolled, since when was that a thing to look for?

None of you actually pointed to a fix, which what I was looking for.

I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with darkRP cause i’ve never had this problem nor have i ever seen it in the config… It could be one of your addons in your addons folder… Has this always happened? or just recently?

It hasn’t happened in the start. By your info I’m assuming it’s an add-on then, which I really can’t be bothered to check which one.