Players aren't downloading anything?

For some reason players that join my server aren’t downloading anything apart from lua scripts.
I set up Fastdl, here:
and this is my server.cfg
sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0
However nothing is being downloaded including the map.

Files on the FastDL server need to be in BZ2 format

So lets say we have the materials folder, do I compress all the files together into one in that folder?
Or do I have to separately compress them.
I’m honestly confused with how it works, an example would be much appreciated.


Separatly compress.

So for each mod, lets say we have the things the folders/files that go into materials, I compress those into a bz2 and name it the plugin?

No. For each file, you compress. So each .mdl or .vtf or .wav, etc. will have its own BZ2.

Also all the files need to be on the server in a file called “resources.lua” this is what you tell the client to download. GUIDE

It doesn’t have to be called that

Yo, so I decided to go with workshop, works. Don’t feel like dealing with all of that crap, so it’s solved.
If anyone could, I’d appreciate help here: