Players boxing you in while your offline...

Yesterday my friend had his house raided, and the only construction the raiders did was around him while he was logged off. We thought this was very odd, how could they know where he logged out at. Today I log in, and the only wall they put up, was to box me in. How are players able to see where you log out? Its been a few day cycles, and im still trying to axe my way out. Are wood walls breakable, im starting to have my doubts…

hey, u can’t break your wood wall with axe, only with c4

Wooden walls are not destructible with an axe but can be destroyed with an explosive charge.

If you have questions, check out the Wiki!

Wait 5 days until they disappear.

OP…people can see through slits in walls and make educated guess’s. . .and your friend didn’t properly create a defense for his structure to prevent this.

They probably put walls all throughout the house.

This has happened to be multiple times. The only way I cant prevent it so far is to build a huge barricade line around your home

If your going to post a reply, please read the post your replying to first. I said they build one wall.

I was in a room, they blew the door, then blew the doorway, and then built a wall to box me in. I was logged before any raid started on my house, i was fast asleep.

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hmm, i have about 20 rooms in my house, and if im logged how are they going to make an educated guess on where i was? My friends defense is mute, he had a 4 story house, and they boxed him in perfectly.

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The best idea so far, thank you:)

Yea i heard one of my friends had this problem too but he found out who did it and killed him :dance: