Players building walls around rad towns (POLL)

Should something be done to stop players from “walling off” and controlling rad towns? This wall popped up in barely over a week!

Note: The rad town isn’t rendered from my distance, but it’s there.

I think the rad towns should be highly contested. Having one, or all of them, should provide a great benefit to the owner and his or her clan. With that said it shouldn’t completely halt every one else progression. Which in its current state is unfortunately the case.

When something like the grenade is added back (common but very expensive explosive), this won’t be as big a deal.

unless it requires a blue print that is only acquired from rad towns :v:

I think the solution is simple:
Don’t let players place foundations near radtowns. Just like in Legacy.
I’ve never seen any issues with it.

That’s small rad on the Seattle server. Those guys spent nearly two weeks walling it off. I say let them have it. People need to work together more. I wandered around awhile trying to ask who owned it and asking people to help take it down, but everyone just kos’d me all the time. Everyone wants access but aren’t willing to do anything about it.

sorry… how do I create a poll myself? I’ve been trying to figure it out but no luck.

I believe Garry has already gone on record saying that he doesn’t want to force us to team up. The fact that you have to team up with people just to clear out the douchebags who walled off radtown is just bad design. There needs to be a way for people to get to radtowns without playing the trust game, or else they’re never going to be able to progress. Teammates should be an advantage, not an instant game winner.

Rad town either needs to be impossible to completely wall off, or at the very least there needs to be a very large no build radius around it to make it more difficult to wall off.

I talked to a couple people that finally didn’t kill me, and as far as they knew it’s only 1 or 2 people that built that wall. As soon as I find explosives, and anyone is welcome to help, I plan on taking out a cupboard tower, placing my own behind a metal 1x1, and building stairs over the walls so everyone can have access.

That wall has been a slow progression that people could have stopped anytime they wanted to. Besides, I found a way in and have been able to find get more crates since not so many people are running through it.

There is no way to build a bridge over it? I guess the cupboards are preventing this?

Yeah, what people will do is build a small stone rooms along the wall to hold the cupboards.

But frankly, this is such bullshit. Why do people do it anyways? I understand you’re trying to restrict the resources to yourselves but why not just be the first to run into the rad town and grab them then build a huge wall that costs a lot of resources around them?

I am surprised no one else here hasn’t mentioned this.
And yes, totally agree. In Legacy you could not create around towns. Landmarks,yes…but not towns for that exact reason.
10-1 it gets changed to reflect legacy

*correction- there is one building persee that you can build around in legacy which is the northeast corner barn

Wow thanks for all the great input and feedback guys. I for one am hoping it is made much more difficult to do this sort of thing. Maybe not impossible, but it certainly shouldn’t take only a couple weeks.

Send me a message on Steam (Evolution is a lie) – I’ll help.

Not allowed in my server.

Couldnt they just make it so the immediate portion of the road that leads in to each rad town (I am pretty sure there is always one) cannot be built on? That way, they can still build a perimeter fence, and they would have to physically guard the gate themselves. Then, when they are offline its business as usual for nakeds raiding, minus the fact that they have to go through the path the road is on (clear of buildings), but this happens anyways entering a rad town as it already has 1 gate.

I just dont think that building on All roads should be blocked.

I guess it depends how much effort it takes to do so. If it took a long time and it’s defended well, then the player should benefit, after all it is a risk to do this. However, it’s so easy for an individual or a couple guys to build a huge structure around an entire town with little time or effort then maybe the cost or speed of construction is too low? I mean, I do like the creation of cool large structures but they aren’t that vital to game play.

I would suggest that in radiation zones, decay could occur much more rapidly unless they invest in like Lead walls or something.

Or just add radiation

it’s similar to KOSing every player you see; cheap but legitimate tactics. if anything i would like to see the ability to build properly all through the rad sites so people can claim it more effectively. if people want access to a walled in site, they should team up with another player(or ten) to break it down, or make a plan to raid it just the same as any base.

I guess this the best solution. Because no matter how big would be the are of “building prohibition”, they would allways try to wall it.

By making roads with “building prohibition”, this could be avoided.