Players can download my server?

Hey guys,

So i have some custom work on my server with some WS items and SF items. Now i know this player who is able to run a program or something and he is able to download my addons folder!
What the hell is going on and how can i stop this? He is stealing other peoples addons (leaking) and also stealing my custom work (pisses me off).



This is way too generic. He is probably just decompiling the clientside Lua.

[lua]if _SCRIPT then while true do end end[/lua]
Place that in any lua file in lua/autorun/client. That stops most of them.

Thank you very much! How do i test this my self? (No im not trying to get the hack my self)

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Now how do i stop this? Besides the code sannys gave me

By trying to use the cheat yourself, which I’m guessing you don’t want to do.

If it put my account in risk then no ways in hell im going to use it. I just want to see if the hack still works with the code you gave me. I found a few links in mpgh but i do not trust it xD

I guess you could IO all of your files and use CompileString, but that’s a lot more work than worth.

It’s been a while since I’ve messed with it, but that should do it. If it doesn’t work in that location, try putting it in some other file in your addon.

Yeah, this is what I do. You need to use at least 1 illegal filename character in the identifier in order for it to work, though.

Can i put it in more than one location?

That would only make it easier for people.

No i mean the file to stop people from downloading my content

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this code
if _SCRIPT then while true do end end

Does that stop people from downllading my content?

It would just freeze the game, preventing any files after it from being saved. If they decompress the cache, this won’t do anything, but most stealers nowadays don’t use the cache because the cache doesn’t retain file names and is not as comprehensive.



Ok i see, so at the moment i added this file in the clients folder so this will sstop most stealers? How do i completely prevent them from taking anything.

There is no 100% way. The CompileString method me and Sanny mentioned above will stop most since anyone sensible wouldn’t go through the effort to decode binary data for some poorly-made Garry’s Mod script, but logically, it is impossible since data must be sent to the client in some form.

Just what code_gs said. There are no public solutions to stop people from ‘stealing’ any script, and tbf releasing anything like that to the public would defeat it’s purpose because people would just work out how it works and bypass it. I guess you could use custom encryption for your files, send a small code to the client with runstring to download and decode it, but that would be a whole load of work for some simple lua file, and wouldn’t stop anyone with scriptenforcer bypass.

What I do is use CompileString, RunString, and RunStringEx to run “-- no --” with their location being that of all the clientsided files. Make sure to do it before and after all the files have loaded and a random amount of times.