Players cannot join my server! (Common)

The title pretty much says. I created my Dedicated Server through HLUpdateTool. I did everything I could to fix this problem including forwarding the 27000-27050 ports (it fixed my Engine Error problem when joining my own server). However, nobody sees my server. Any suggestions?

Anything you post is helpful.

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Are you giving players your external IP and not your LAN ip?

If your giving them something like 192.168.X.XX, then that’s your LAN and will not work.

But if you give them and IP like XX.XXX.XXX.XXX from then that will work.

If it does not then make sure you forwarded those ports correctly.

I’m kind of confused now.
My dedicated server’s IP starts with 192.168.1, so I forwarded my ports to work with this IP.
When I connect to my router info and forward ports, the 192.168.1. is already given, and I just have to plug in the rest of the IP. So, that means I can’t use my XX.XXX.XXX.XXX IP in any part of this process. I also tried playing around with ports and checking if I forwarded them correctly. Everything is perfect, but people still can’t see the server. Any ideas?

you’re dumb. go to the link lolcheese provided on a computer that is on the same LAN as your server, and share that IP.

Okay I no alot about this stuff. If you still need help contact me. My steam is: mckillop

Okay, I understand. Don’t know if it works yet.
Thank for explaining it to the ‘dumb’ guy.

UPDATE: Ok it works. Thanks!