Players can't download maps from my server...

So I’m paying for a gmod server from a company called Nitrous Networks. The server came with fastdl and my own unique fastdl link is already in the main cfg file. sv_allowdownload is set to 1 and sv_allowupload is also. net_maxfilesize is set to 64 also. Yet for some reason no players can’t download custom maps… Is there a certain location or way of placing maps into my server directory? At the moment I just place the .bsp into the main maps directory…

Please help me someone… :smiley:

  1. Post the link to your FastDL server.
  2. Set sv_allowdownload and upload to 0. They’re not what you think they are.

FastDL was always confusing for me and never worked with my hoster, I suggest just using WorkShopDL, as it is probably cheaper and easier, assuming you’re paying for that extra FastDL.

FastDL is way superior to WorkshopDL imo. It may be “easier” in the short-run, but it’s more efficient and players prefer it in the long-run.