Players can't open Console, use mic, open esc.

When a player connects to my server they can not use their Mic, they can’t press escape to open the Gmod menu, and they can’t open console. I’m sure there are more features they can not use while in my server but this is all I’ve come to find as of now. Also, the player can not leave the server without being kicked or having the server shut down, and upon doing so the client has to restart Gmod due to the bugs being followed out once again even when they’re not connected to the server. Can this be caused by a Lua Virus, or does this have to do with my Server code, if so what could possibly do this.

Tl;dr: Clients can’t open console, use mic, or open the escape menu, this bug follows them when they leave, what could cause this.


Indeed, I have no idea what could cause this.

If you have a fastdl, try disabling it.

This worked, but what might be causing it within the fastdl? There are some models the clients need to Download, without such they can not. Is it due to a corrupt model, or what?

I’m not sure, but for me it was caused by a non-up-to-date fastdl. Try re-uploading all the files from scratch.

Yea, that has seemed to fix the problem. Thank you for the help.

Remember, every time you alter your server’s files you must upload the server’s cache folder onto your downloadurl host. Otherwise bad shit happens.