Players can't talk while a panel is opened

Hey facepunch

I need help with something.
I noticed if our mapvote panel is active / opened our players are not able to talk. (Voice-Chat)

Is there a way to bypass this?

Thanks in advance.

*Disable keyboard input?

just an idea

Seems not to be working for me, maybe I am using it wrong. :confused:

or maybe i dont know what im talking about, it was just an idea

Show the code

It’s the mapvote panel of ExclServer2 (?)

FPP thread:
Github (mapvote):


Here is the link to the file where (I guess) I have to put the code in:

Below line 163 (where is MakePopup) add the keyboard input disable, then it should work

It does work now.
Thank you very much iJohnny!