Players Can't Use Mics/Chat when Dead?

I have a server running Wolvin’s Enhanced Prop Hunt but players cannot speak when they have been killed/have died.
Does anyone know how to fix this? I have no idea where to even begin looking. Thanks so much!

This is probably done for the same reason that TTT has done it, so dead people can’t spectate on the props? and tell the hunters? where they are through chat or voice chat.

Yeah, I know but I was still hoping to disable the feature. Is there any way to do it?

Yeah, remove the following hooks



I don’t mean to sound dumb but where is the file located where I should remove the hooks?

You can just search for them yourself. Make sure you’ve extracted the workshop addon if it’s from the workshop.

If you’re not able to find them, can you link us the version of prophunt you’re using?

You need to find them yourself? Just do a full search of the folder, takes 2 seconds.

Edit: bit l8 but…

It’s not out of laziness. I use Nitrous Networks and they have a “Search” function for files that doesnt work at all. You have to look through each individual file, that’s the only reason I asked.
I tried downloading the entire gmod folder to use the search function in File Manager but it only pulls up search terms that are in the file name.
But I’ll get to searching

You don’t have to look through each individual file? Just download the addon and use n++, vs code, etc, etc to look through all of them simultaneously? Or, search through their github which guy above me posted.

Thanks :slight_smile:
So I discovered that the file was in gamemodes/prop_hunt/gamemode/init.lua but when I accessed the file, there was no PlayerCanSeePlayersChat hook. I looked on the github page and for some reason, the lua file had the hook (and a lot of other coding) that wasn’t included in the file that I downloaded for the server.
I replaced the lua file now so hopefully removing the hooks will help. Thanks @gonzalolog and @txike for all of your help :slight_smile: