Players corpses spawning as zombies when killed by zombie

Just a little idea i had after being killed by a zombie. Instead of being killed by a zombie and just leaving my corpse and loot on the floor, I though it might make things a bit more interesting if my corpse and loot changed into a zombie controlled by AI. Basically my corpse would despawn and instantly be replaced by a zombie with the same inventory.

As others have posted before I would like to see zombies become a more prevalent and widespread danger in the future too, drawn to noise and move in packs etc.

Food for thought!

I like the idea. :smile:

That is a great idea! :smiley:

I like the idea, but what about when someone kills u and wants your loot?
Does that mean I’ll have to kill u, and your zombie, to get your stuff?

Or just make it so that when a player kills someone that it will be lootable without turning into a zombie.

Such a good idea :slight_smile:

Cheers for the feedback guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Fireblood: standard deaths from pvp then there would be no resurrection as the undead, if a zombie throws the killing punch then yes =)

I would get so frustrated killing zombies only to find a rock, 2 medkits, and torches.

That would be hilarious.

But unfortunately, it would be 2 Bandages and not Medkits.

Nice idea, but the intention has been to eventually remove zombies for a while, as they were placeholders intended to be a monster to fight so Rust was more than just PVP 24/7 from the very start.

Note: Like anything else in alpha, this may have changed, who knows.

its only when a zombie kills you you turn into a zombie not if a player kills you

Have you seen The Walking Dead?

One word: Infected.

To go into detail, its kind of a Romero era zombie. Anything that dies comes back as a zombie once. The idea behind it in the walking dead is everyone is infected and the effects of the infection only surface on death.

I’d prefer mutant AI that could use guns and were more human-like

A good idea,indeed.

If you’re killed by a player = You die, and a player may loot your corpse.
If you’re killed by an animal or a zombie(or you jumped off a clip and broke your head,lul) = You’ll turn into a zombie.

That would certainly make them more interesting and challenging to deal with but it would also make the areas the current zombies occupy that much more unfriendly to noobs.

That’s a balance that MP games have to work hard to try and make. They need to create a game challenging enough for the experienced players to not get bored but friendly enough to new players so that people don’t get discouraged from playing.

For now, I think the game strikes that balance fairly well since it doesn’t take long to learn how to deal with the zombies and more remote areas of the map provide enough security to learn how to play before someone shows up to shoot you. Obviously the challenge for experienced players comes from raids and/or clan wars which require an organized effort to fight off large numbers of other experienced players in pvp.

From what I’ve heard about their plans to replace the zombies it sounds like they are planning to eventually go that direction, but I just hope they consider the poor noobs when they do. =D