Players crash on "Sending Client Info"

I am having hard time with this issue,most of players that used to play on my server now crash on “Sending Client Info” with message that hl2.exe stopped working.I have tried removing addons and so on but still no luck,this has started happening after recent gmod updates and is becoming very annoying.Maybe somebody has an idea what might be causing this issue.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT:Seems like the issue is behind PHX3 SVN.When it was removed from server players had no issue joining the server.

Bump.Removing PHX3 doesn’t fully resolve the issue,people still crash when trying to connect to server.This is becoming more than frustrating,will garry do something about this -_-

They need the dump file. (which should be located in steam/dumps) You would be looking for the most recently modified hl2.exe crash file. Then, email it to Garry.